Sunday, January 27, 2008

"A tale"
Mixed media, 4" X 6" Watercolor paper
here is a Northern Japanese folk tale explaining silk worms came about:
An old farming couple had a daughter and a horse. As the daughter grew into a beautiful woman, many men wanted to marry her; but she refused them all. When asked why, she answered that she loved only her horse. This made the old couple very angry and the girl became upset. While the daughter was crying, the horse grabbed the girl and they few off into the sky. Later that night, the horse and the daughter appeared in the old couple's dreams, and pleaded to accept them as they are. They then sent down little worms and told the old couple to take care of the worms, instead of themselves. When they woke, the couple found little worms in the house. And that was the beginning of silk worm farming.
Sold to Delaware, US


sheree said...

great tale and nice piece

claudine hellmuth said...

beautiful story and I love your work!

studio lolo said...

The colors are as magical as the story :)

Milan Rubio said...

Cute cute and cute.
I like this one.

Antonio Fernandez said...

A work very nice!