Thursday, January 10, 2008

"Flower for McKenna"
Mixed media, 4" X 6" Watercolor paper
When she was feeling a bit sad, a strange little bird brought a flower to McKenna.
Sold to Virginia, US


cilla_s2_tequila said...

Hi there, Mika.
I don't even know if you're gonna read this message, but I'm trying anyways !

I'm a girl from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and I was looking for something cute to tattoo with my boyfriend. Something with a beautiful meaning, well, I think that Penguins are a wonderful choice and I've found your website on Google, looking for 'penguins couple'.
I'm gonna tattoo your painting, it's just too cute and we loved it. Thanks for being an artist, your painting will be forever in my body.
I just thought I needed to tell you that. It's amazing how we can be connected by this way.
Thanks, Mika. I'll always remember your name.
If you ever read this, email me, it would be really important for me.

You're great !
Priscilla - Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

(I've first posted it on the original painting, but I don't think you'll check, as it is kinda old (may, 2007). So I'm making it easier for you to see by posting here too !!!)

MiKa Art said...

Wow, Priscilla, thank you very much for message! This is the most amazing thing- I'm kind of speechless! Sending a lot of love to you and your boyfriend!!

Alexander said...

The bird is very cute.
Lovely paintings.

Alex's World! -

Kstyles said...

You characters are adorable!