Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Acrylic, 4" X 6" X 5/8" Wood Block
This painting contains following passage from bible; "Ask, and it will be given to you."
Matthew 7-7

Sold to Georgia, US


md said...

i like wht u have been doing on these speically the ones with bible verses

dintoons said...

dear mika, your artwork is most wonderful and inspiring!! i ABSOLUTELY LOVE these beautiful, child-like, sensitively drawn paintings... with such exquisitely simple colours...
and the fact that they are framed in a small format make them even more appealing!

the simplicity of your words and descriptions touch the heart at once...

the paintings with the bible verses are simply WONDERFUL, and SO very charming and inspiring!! truly, divinely inspired works of art :o)

mika, please allow me to add you to my drawing inspiration list, thanking you in advance! :o)

hope to keep visiting here often, to simply gaze in wonderment at your heavenly art, and be inspired in many ways...

thanx again, and God bless you!